Help me ring in four decades on Earth with the most meaningful gift
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    Lesley Shan Gordon

    $20.00 / 58 days ago

    Wonderful organization and wonderful initiative for your birthday Anna. xo xo

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    Jane Schneider

    $100.00 / 58 days ago

    Anna you are an inspiration. So grateful for all you have done for animals and I feel blessed that our paths have crossed over the years. Happy Birthday !

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    Shannon Randle

    $40.00 / 60 days ago

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    Jacob Pippus

    $50.00 / 61 days ago

    Happy 40th to the ultimate animal whisperer (and sister)!

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    $25.00 / 61 days ago

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    Daphna Kedem

    $60.00 / 61 days ago

    Happy Birthday Anna! 🎈🎂

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    Lesley Fox

    $25.00 / 61 days ago

    Happy birthday, Libra! Hope you have a very special day. You're awesome.

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    Erin Gjernes

    $75.00 / 61 days ago

    Best idea for a birthday and such a great organization.

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    Tushar Mehta

    $101.00 / 64 days ago

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    Nital Jethalal

    $51.00 / 64 days ago

    Happy birthday!

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    $50.00 / 64 days ago

    Thank you Anna for your generous caring spirit. A birthday fundraiser is a great way to bring awareness and funds to the animal advocacy movement. Happy 40th!

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    Camille Labchuk

    $50.00 / 67 days ago

    Happy birthday! ❤️

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    $25.00 / 69 days ago

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    John Pippus

    $100.00 / 69 days ago

    Happy birthday!

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    $200.00 / 69 days ago

    Happy double 20th birthday! Love you!

  • Ada7c8f52b8ddd5f056c66a9c4d15ffc? nophoto

    Anna Pippus

    $100.00 / 69 days ago

About Anna's 40th Birthday

I'm turning 40 next week on October 6! I'm extremely blessed to have everything I could personally want, including an air fryer, the best family, good health, and these cozy bamboo socks from Blue Sky Clothing that are called athletic socks but that are actually just like these really plush normal looking socks that come in great colours. 

My birthday wish is for all creatures to enjoy their lives as much as I do. I love the work We Animals Media does to raise awareness through arresting imagery about how animals live in the human world, as well as the dialogue they invite. Join me in supporting them in this important work! I might even thank you with a pair of socks! I know a place.

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