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Booker and Kitty Woo's Birthday Fundraiser

Barbi Lazarus / We Animals Media Fundraiser

Raising funds in memory of Booker and Kitty Woo for We Animals Media, an organization which brings visibility to hidden animals through compelling photo and videojournalism.
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Recent Transactions

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    Tracey Weir

    $20.00 / 48 days ago

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    Allan Ridley

    $50.00 / 58 days ago

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    Christina Vani

    $36.00 / 62 days ago

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    David Alexander

    $100.00 / 63 days ago


  • Df1d4cfe95ad3aba9046678a74af62c2? nophoto

    Sonia Faruqi

    $50.00 / 67 days ago

    Hope this helps, Barbi and Jo-Anne!

  • 9e86cca1a218a8935350b6d4201d60fe? nophoto

    Denyse Mehta

    $100.00 / 67 days ago

    Barbi, I’m proud of your continued dedication and advocacy and I know how much you loved your dear pets. I hope you reach your target and more to advance the work of We Animal❤️

  • 8c6af14acd8fe5ba6fe80d3e37dcc77d? nophoto

    Jo-Anne McArthur

    $25.00 / 67 days ago

    Barbi, thank you for doing this! So lovely of you to honour Booker and Kitty Woo in this way, and doing so by supporting our small but mighty organization. You've been so supportive over the years. Thanks so much!

  • 362aa427a84847cf6e3215b7d0e938c9? nophoto

    Shân Gordon

    $20.00 / 67 days ago

    As I said Barbi, what a lovely way to honor your lovely companions that are no longer here. As you know, I had already donated to We Animals on giving Tuesday and another friends fundraiser, but do want to support your initiative and the memory of these sweet souls. xo

  • E720203d8cbd23d69b8d409d9e71a081? nophoto

    Kirti Shah

    $100.00 / 68 days ago

    Thank you for this initiative.

  • 4de1159627592e5c232c0455648c7fb7? nophoto

    Gregory Wasney

    $100.00 / 68 days ago

    Dearest Barbi. We are so sad to hear about the loss of little Booker. Please accept our sincerest condolences. Alena and Greg

About Booker and Kitty Woo's Birthday Fundraiser

Our precious Booker who passed away on August 31st loved all animals, other cats, dogs, and 2-legged animals. We know if it were up to him, everyone would be as goofy, fun-loving, and carefree as himself, and that's where We Animals Media comes in. As the world’s leading animal photojournalism agency, they document the stories of animals in the human environment (those used for food, fashion, entertainment, and experimentation), raising awareness about their conditions and helping people see them as who they are - individuals who want to live and be free from suffering. Booker would have turned 16 in April, and my dear Kitty Woo who passed away at the very young age of 8 years, would have turned 16 as well on December 1st, the day I'm launching this fundraiser. In honour of their 16th birthdays, I hope to raise $1600 for We Animals Media. That may sound like a lot, but it means I only need 16 friends and family members to donate $100 to this incredible cause. Will you help celebrate their birthdays by making a donation today?

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