Jo's 46th birthday fundraiser for We Animals Media

Jo-Anne McArthur / We Animals Media Fundraiser

For my birthday, I'd love your support for WAM's pioneering animal photojournalism. 
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    Norman Hewitt

    $146.00 / 39 days ago

    Hey Joey, Better late than never, Happy Birthday! Keep up your wonderful work. Love, Barb and Norm Hewitt.

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    Peter McQueen

    $25.00 / 45 days ago

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    Samantha Connolly

    $20.00 / 46 days ago

    La breithe shona agus Nollaig Shona duit, is bean iontach thu!!! (Happy Birthday and Happy Christmas, you are an amazing woman!) True in any language :)

  • 6e3e55edc1f21cf59c6777abb92182d2? nophoto

    Renée Molner

    $20.00 / 47 days ago

    Thank you for all you do! The work that We Animals Media does is just amazing! Jo-Anne, you have been an inspiration to me since we first met at the New York Farm Sanctuary Hoe Down 10 years ago. Happy Birthday!

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    $500.00 / 47 days ago

    happy birthday young lady you are simply the BEST! much love always

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    Lisa and Mark Kramer/Kamstra

    $200.00 / 47 days ago


  • 8fcdbd29030aa782d1443eba13cfd434? nophoto

    Liisa MacGowan

    $70.00 / 47 days ago

    Happy Birthday Jo! Hope you have a lovely day xx

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    Jenny McQueen

    $46.00 / 47 days ago

    Jo is the real deal. Incredibly talented photo-journalist, writer, speaker! The animals have a true friend in Jo-Anne.

  • E9f20498980f46901d84c92ff6ccc45d? nophoto

    Josef Ebner

    $200.00 / 47 days ago

    Happy Birthday Jo and a merry christmas too ! Keep up the great work in 2023. All the best. Josef

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    Ana Seara

    $20.00 / 47 days ago

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    Phillip Sanford

    $300.00 / 47 days ago

  • Ae744ed914c513cee635427c39967bfa? nophoto

    Laura Hart

    $30.00 / 47 days ago

    Jo is a magnificent person, and We Animals reflects this. It provides for free an impacting means for any activist trying to convey what is very difficult to communicate: that animals need us to see their reality and change our behavior.

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    Maichael Coolen

    $46.00 / 47 days ago

    Have a wonderful birthday, Jo-Anne.

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    Justin Shorten

    $5.00 / 47 days ago

  • 09e32d8aabc61b2f64706c16a18131a5? nophoto

    Allan Kornberg

    $118.00 / 48 days ago

    Beyond important, and courageous, work. In memorializing cruelty and death to save future lives. We should never forget the pain, suffering, and ability as individuals and together, to change for now and forever.

  • 243d2d275ba8db5f8c15d61786acf847? nophoto

    Marie-Hélène Tremblay

    $20.00 / 48 days ago

  • 17d833463ec1b76296c4cd63fd902389? nophoto

    Julie Posluns

    $460.00 / 48 days ago

  • 43e3d9b8e7b5e0141804e53020c260ea? nophoto

    Thom Stromer

    $100.00 / 48 days ago

    I joined the Humane Society U.S./Humane Society International as a video producer thanks to your inspiration. I am so grateful for your work and the incredible group of folks at We Animals Media. Together, we create a more kind world. Thanks for all that you do.

  • 2bec8a2a26ce23ff228d2e8d086c1890? nophoto

    Joan Bornstein

    $25.00 / 48 days ago

  • 0cfce66b2bb5a524bf0714de7ecdb039? nophoto

    Carol Mair

    $100.00 / 48 days ago

    Congratualtions Awesome Jo- you are my hero - right up there with Dr. Jane Love CarolM

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    $500.00 / 49 days ago

  • E29b7c7901780e280dfc4c9256b3e26d? nophoto

    Lisa Roman

    $25.00 / 49 days ago

    Happy Birthday Jo!! With gratitude for all you and the We Animals team do!

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    Steve Lewis

    $25.00 / 49 days ago

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    Nuno Viseu

    $150.00 / 49 days ago


  • 388d009ec535c22eed32e861cf92f163? nophoto

    Joy Askew

    $20.00 / 49 days ago

About Jo's 46th birthday fundraiser for We Animals Media

Hello friends, colleagues, and family!

My 46th birthday is approaching. December 23rd. I'm so happy to have had another year on this improbable, perfect planet.

Last year I launched my first We Animals birthday fundraiser, and you all knocked my socks off with your support. Because you were so happy and generous about it, I'm doing it again.

This year I aim to raise $4,600 for my 46th. I'd love your help in keeping our tireless team in the field, doing this pioneering animal photojournalism.

We now have 90+ contributors to our stock site, nearing 20,000 photos and videos from over 70 countries, which are free for anyone helping animals. What we're building is unparalleled, and I am so proud of what this small but mighty team has achieved.

In 2022 we gave assignments in Indonedia, Thailand, Turkey, Greece, and on the continents of Africa and North America. We covered the war in Ukraine. We covered bird flu. We covered fishing practices, dairy farming, and broiler chickens. We formed partnerships with NGOs and the media. And we really are just getting started.

To those of you giving big, I'll be giving back! If you donate $100 or more, I'd love to send you a signed 8x10 print as thanks.

To those of you giving $460 or more for my 46th, I'm also offering a 46 minute zoom call ;) You can use it as a portfolio review, a discussion about all things photography or animal rights, whatever you like!

And if you want to donate $4,600 - cheeky of me, I know - I'll thank you with a signed copy of each of my books, six signed 8x10 prints, and a 46 minute zoom hang (doesn't hurt to try!).

If you love that we make thousands of photos and videos available for free to anyone helping animals...

If you love that we build community in the animal advocacy and photography worlds...

If you love that we mentor people globally and offer an animal photojournalism fellowship...

If you'd love to continue seeing our work on the global stage...

then please help me celebrate my birthday - and these two decades of effort as I built We Animals - by contributing to my birthday fundraiser for WAM.

With happiness, determination, and a few more grey hairs,


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