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Jo's Birthday Fundraiser

Jo-Anne McArthur / We Animals Media Fundraiser

For my birthday, I'd love your support in WAM's pioneering animal photojournalism.

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    $450.00 / 330 days ago

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    Laura Hart

    $50.00 / 336 days ago

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    Jerry Dunn

    $20.00 / 340 days ago

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    Alba Vignolo

    $45.00 / 345 days ago

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    Bee Morgan

    $30.00 / 346 days ago

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    Alison Halsall

    $100.00 / 346 days ago

    Happy Birthday, Jo!

  • 7fe93a3aa582de970ad0b3f4c19e533c? nophoto

    Samarpita Deb

    $25.00 / 346 days ago

    Dear Jo, thank you for all the work you do. The world needs more people like you. Merry Christmas and happy birthday!

  • B7806c4e762c802cf657ccd3ec0b9fd9? nophoto

    Lisa Siebenmann

    $20.00 / 346 days ago

    Dear Jo I'm eternally grateful for the work you do and the light you shed on how we humans treat animals, of course I can help with a donation! I hope lots of other people are also willing to part with some money to help this cause. Your work is the bridge between what we know happens and our emotional connection to it. Thank you. Lisa

  • 4c016af16e6af985aa3ddbf1adb6eaa3? nophoto

    Juliet Green

    $50.00 / 347 days ago

    .. our animal companions must be at our table, not served on our table .. hb2u Jo .. you & your team do a mighty (difficult) job, & i thank you 🖤✊🖤

  • F9c8bda57b14151f7785d2241058463f? nophoto

    Brenda Ross

    $50.00 / 347 days ago

    Happy Birthday, Jo!

  • 051eb1d039d3650dea6ec6babaca5c85? nophoto

    Deborah Sabean

    $50.00 / 347 days ago

  • 5753a2f2d959070eee54cc100ec42d28? nophoto

    Matthew Dunn

    $50.00 / 348 days ago

    Happy 45th Joey Boo!!!!!!

  • 90e9445ad68540565bfd060159ab84be? nophoto

    Ismail Hirji

    $100.00 / 348 days ago

    Happy birthday to a wonderful soul changing the world every day one image and one heart at a time! Love you and hope this helps launch you on a new adventure!!

  • 0ce327d69815206e7029682d0708db2b? nophoto

    Shari Raheb

    $30.00 / 348 days ago

    Happy Birthday Joanne! Thank you for all of the amazing work you do for animals!

  • 5b99e336c85a86cc2250786077bc8af1? nophoto

    Kathie Jenni

    $100.00 / 348 days ago

    Jo-Anne, there's no one I admire more than you. I don't have sufficient words for the gratitude I feel for what you do. Thank you for *seeing* animals and bearing witness for them--all of them. Thank you for being the profoundly good soul that you are.

  • Avatar person


    $40.00 / 348 days ago

    Happy birthday Jo! It’s great to see you following your passion :)

  • 3e429e801042b0b192906e33a9ffe088? nophoto

    Carolyn Farquhar

    $100.00 / 348 days ago

    Happy Birthday, Jo! Thank you for your amazing work, compassion and courage. Wishing you a spectacular year! Carolyn

  • 1b79756fa9a13a117a98889f61d38583? nophoto

    Leonardo DeGorter

    $100.00 / 348 days ago

    Happy Birthday Jo! Please keep up the good work!

  • Cb8c60f183161e5baffbca7e2c2e4938? nophoto

    Michael Hibberd

    $45.00 / 348 days ago

    Thanks for all you do!

  • 504edee9fcc5755409bbeb4a4647bf01? nophoto

    Andrew Lincoln

    $20.00 / 348 days ago

    Thank you for what you do!

  • Avatar person


    $45.00 / 348 days ago

    Happy birthday, dear Joanne. I have admired and am always in awe everything you do and accomplish from afar since you started. We, AND the animals are so very lucky to have you. Keep up the wonderful work you do.

  • D2e2a6c464998728c3524329316678f4? nophoto

    Jenny McQueen

    $25.00 / 348 days ago

    Jo’s Birthday Fundraiser

  • Ae629acceec49007687d229f40aff00a? nophoto

    Dianne Fireweed Radmore

    $20.00 / 348 days ago

    So grateful for all you do, dear Jo!! And We Animals Media is AWESOME. Happy Birthday. <3

  • 1a7823a016905bf75c0ebb1b9e73bc2b? nophoto

    Holly Pearson

    $50.00 / 348 days ago

    I do appreciate the role Jo plays in the cause of animal liberation. She touches people who may otherwise never have really looked at an animal before or considered their plight. I’m so grateful and and in awe.

  • 0e67ffec679047b0d736607ae3f2e4ba? nophoto

    Ondine Sherman

    $100.00 / 348 days ago

    Happy Birthday, Jo! Wishing you a wonderful joyful healthy happy year. You work is so hard but so important and you are inspiring for me and so many xx

About Jo's Birthday Fundraiser

Hi my peeps!

I'm turning 45 on December 23rd and for the first time, I'm using it as a reason to raise funds for my small but oh-so mighty organization, We Animals Media. As a baseline, I'm not great at asking for help, but I had to remind myself recently that I'm not asking for me, I'm asking for our incredible organization with its staff of 10 and its 46 contributors! I'm also asking on behalf of the animals whose lives we work so hard to bring forth into the public conscience.

For my birthday, I'm practicing how to ask! I'd love your help in keeping our amazing team in the field, doing this pioneering animal photojournalism. 

I'm aiming to raise $4,500 CDN for my 45th.

I'm also giving back to people who are giving big! If you donate $450 or more for my 45th, I'm offering a 45 minute zoom call. You can use it for a portfolio review, a discussion about all things photography or animals rights, whatever you like! 

Oh, and if you want to donate $4,500 - cheeky of me, I know - I'll thank you with a signed copy of each of my books and a 45 minute zoom hang (doesn't hurt to try!)

If you love that we make thousands of photos and videos available for free to anyone helping animals...

If you love that we mentor people globally and launched an animal photojournalism fellowship...
If you'd love to continuing seeing our work on the global stage...

...then please help me celebrate my birthday - and these two decades of momentous effort as I built We Animals - by making a donation to We Animals Media.

Thank you so much!


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